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AR# 11412

Reed Solomon Encoder Tutorial - Error opening PGM file


Keywords: LViewPro, LView Pro, Reed, Solomon, Tutorial, Encoder, Error, Reading, File, Damaged, PGM

Urgency: Low

In the Reed Solomon Encoder Tutorial #1,
Opening the file described in the Simulation
section with LViewPro Eval causes the
following error:

Open file:
Error reading file (file damaged?)

I created the PGM file as the tutorial explains:

P2 - Magic number for ASCII format
# test.pgm - Comment
4 4 - Width and height
15 - Maximum gray level value
0 1 2 3 - Pixel gray level values for row 1 of image
4 5 6 7 - row 2
8 9 10 11 - row 3
12 13 14 15 - row 4


This is a bug with LViewPro Evaluation version.

A workaround is to use the full version of LViewPro or to use any other
graphic package capable of handling .PGM files or to use the Full
version of LViewPro.
AR# 11412
Date 05/13/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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