AR# 11415


4.1i Licensing - How do I run two Floating License files on the same server?


General Description:

How do I set up the license server to run two Floating Licenses? If I combine them on one server, "xilinxd" errors occur.


For each vendor daemon ("xilinxd", etc.), there can be only one Floating License on each machine. That license can have multiple INCREMENT lines, and each line may have more than one "seat" enabled. However, you CANNOT copy the increment line so that the license has two copies of the same line.

If you have a Floating License for 1 seat of FND-EXP, and need another 5 seats, then you need a second INCREMENT line that supports the 5 seats. To do this, add just the INCREMENT line to the end of your current license file, and restart Lmgrd. Now, the "xilinxd" process will acknowledge 6 seats instead of the original 1 seat.

You cannot save the license with the new 5-seat INCREMENT line as a separate file and start another process of Lmgrd and xilinxd.
AR# 11415
Date 04/03/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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