AR# 11583


*Obsolete* 3.1is8 JTAG Programmer - 18V00-"ERROR:JTag - ..TOO MANY MISMATCHES...verification aborted."


Keywords: JTAG Programmer, 18V00, mismatch, verify, verification

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
After installing Service Pack 8 for 3.1i, JTAG Programmer returns the following error message when verifying an 18V00 PROM:

'(Device1)': Checking boundary-scan chain integrity...done.
'(Device1)': Putting device in ISP mode ...done.
'(Device1)': Verifying device....
Mismatch at Address: 0x0001
Mismatch at Address: 0x0003
Mismatch at Address: 0x0004
Mismatch at Address: 0x0005
Mismatch at Address: 0x0006
Mismatch at Address: 0x0007
Mismatch at Address: 0x0008
Mismatch at Address: 0x0009
Mismatch at Address: 0x000a
Mismatch at Address: 0x000b
Mismatch at Address: 0x000c
..TOO MANY MISMATCHES...verification aborted.
!!! SPROM device configuration mismatches Mcs/Exo file !!!
'(Device1)': Verification terminated due to errors.


NOTE: The patch that was previously available through this Answer Record has been superceded by the patch available in (Xilinx Answer 12836). Please download the patch available in Answer 12836 to resolve this problem.

A problem was introduced into 3.1is8 JTAG Programmer whereby correctly programmed 18V00 PROM devices may fail verification. A tactical patch is now available for this problem.

If the 18V00 Device continues to fail the verification procedure after the tactical patch is installed, then the error message is legitimate and may be due to a hardware problem.

This problem will not affect third-party device programmers or the WebPACK Device Programmer.
AR# 11583
Date 09/22/2005
Status Archive
Type ??????
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