AR# 11592


4.1i ISE - The "Edit UCF file" process does not open the UCF file for editing, or opens an incorrect editor.


Keywords: UCF, editor, process

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I wish to make changes to the UCF file. However, running the "Edit UCF file" process under Design Entry Utilities -> User Constraints either invokes the wrong editor, or no editor at all.

When no editor is opened, the following message appears in the transcript window:

"Existing implementation results (if any) have been retained! To incorporate your constraint changes, right click on the 'Implement Design' process and select 'Rerun All'. EXEWRAP detected that program 'xilperl' completed successfully.
Done: completed successfully."


If your EDITOR environment variable is set to point to a valid editor, that editor will be used; otherwise:

1. If your EDITOR environment variable is not set, or is set but is empty, Project Navigator will use Notepad on Windows, and "/usr/openwin/bin/xterm -e /bin/vi" on UNIX.

2. If your EDITOR environment variable is set to point to an invalid editor (wrong path or file name), no editor will be opened, and no error message will appear.

Make sure that when the EDITOR environment variable is set, it points to an editor that will open in its own window, such as gvim, xemacs or 'xterm -e vi' on UNIX, or gvim, Notepad, Wordpad or some other GUI editor in Windows.

If the editor resides in a directory whose path name contains spaces, then that path must be on the your path, and the EDITOR environment variable must point only to the name of the editor without the associated path.
AR# 11592
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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