AR# 11638


ModelSim (MXE, SE, PE)- "ERROR: (341): Unknown entity: . Use expanded"


General Description:

When I compile my design for functional simulation in ModelSim and the design contains a COREGen module, the following error occurs:

"# ERROR: <myvhdl.vhd>(341): Unknown entity: <entity_name>.Use expanded


# ERROR: <myvhdl.vhd>(344): VHDL Compiler exiting

# ERROR: d:/Programs/Modeltech_xe/win32xoem/vcom failed.

# Error in macro ./<myvhdl.vfd> line 1

# d:/Programs/Modeltech_xe/win32xoem/vcom failed.

# while executing

# "vcom -93 -explicit <myvhdl.vhd>""


This error indicates that the model for the COREGEN component has not been compiled into the XilinxCoreLib library. The most likely cause for this is that an IP update has been installed, but the XilinxCoreLib library for ModelSim has not been updated.

For ModelSIM SE/PE versions, please see (Xilinx Answer 8066)

For ModelSIM XE, you can download the pre-compiled libraries from the following Web site:

AR# 11638
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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