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AR# 1165

XPP, HW-112 - XPP v5.2.0 does not recognize 4020EHQ240 .bit file.


Keywords: v5.2.0, 4020EHQ240, .bit file, MAKEBITS

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
XPP 5.2.0 has problems reading 4020EHQ240 .bit files generated by
MAKEBITS 5.2.1a. The typical symptom is that XPP flashes a message
very quickly across the screen, then prompts the user for a
file name.


The XC4020EHQ-240 is only supported under XACT 5.2.1.

A work-around is to use MAKEPROM to convert the BIT file to an MCS file.
XPP will then accept the MCS as a valid data file.

To generate the .mcs file, run:

makeprom -f mcs -u 0 p1284lca.bit
AR# 1165
Date 02/08/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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