AR# 11677


4.1i CORE Generator - Cannot convert 3.1i projects to 4.1i if "3x_ipupdate4" has been installed ("Corrupt coregen.prj file" is reported)


Keywords: convert, update

Urgency: High

General Description:
CORE Generator issues an error when I try to convert a 3.1i project to 4.1i in the following manner:

1. After installing the 3x_ipupdate4 IP update, I create a project using 3.1 CORE Generator.
2. I then open this project in COREGen 4.1.

CORE Generator then reports a corrupt coregen.prj file.

If try to convert a Project Navigator project containing a 3x_ipupdate4 coregen.prj, an "abnormal termination" window appears.


The problem is due to a bad XCD file for an Alliance information core, the TILAB parser. There is an invalid colon character (":") in the module field in the XCD file for this core.

To fix the problem:

1. Delete the corelib.xml file in $XILINX/coregen/ip in your 3.1i tree.

2. Edit the tilab_parser.xcd file located in $XILINX/coregen/ip/xilinx/catalog_v1_0/com/xilinx/ip/catalog/ and replace the following line:


with the line:


3. Open up the coregen.prj file in your 3.1i project, and change the corresponding entry for the parser from:

<core visible="true" version="1.0" resource="R3">


<core visible="true" version="1.0" resource="R3">

4. Open up the project in 3.1i CORE Generator, and run Project-> Update Cores -> All to Latest.

Then, run the conversion again.
AR# 11677
Date 08/23/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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