AR# 11701


Project Navigator - Translation fails on design with CORE Generator macros: "ERROR:NGDBuild:604 - Logical block 'xxxxx' with type 'xxxxx' is unexpanded"


When processing an ISE design with CORE Generator cores, the following error message might occur during implementation: 


ERROR:NGDBuild:604 - Logical block 'xxxxx' with type 'xxxxx' is unexpanded.  
Symbol 'xxxxxxx' is not supported in target <device>.


Implementation exits with an error code of 0002.


NGDBuild issues this error when it cannot resolve all of the components/modules for the entire design. 


For example, suppose you have an HDL design that instantiates black-box modules, and the module description for these black-boxes is contained in an EDIF file. 

If the EDIF file is not in the macro search path or the project directory, NGDBuild issues this error. 


Often, this issue occurs with designs containing CORE Generator modules where the IP CORE files are maintained in a remote directory.  


To avoid this problem, verify that the module description file has the correct name and is located in the macro search path or project directory. 


To set the macro search path, follow these steps in ISE: 

1. Select the top-level source in the Source window. 

2. Right-click "Implementation Process" in the Process window and select "Properties." 

3. Select the "Translate Properties tab." The Macro Search Path option is available.

AR# 11701
Date 10/09/2014
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