AR# 1196


XC3000: XACT 6.0.x/5.2.x- Unable to target 3090(A, L) or 3190(A, L) TQ144 device


Keywords: 3090, TQ140

Urgency: Standard


The package file and partlist.xct file to target a 3x90TQ144
was not included in the XACT 6.0.x/5.2.x release.


The new package file and an updated partlist has been created and is availible on the Xilinx anonymous FTP site as well as the Xilinx BBS. The file is called and please refer to the readme.txt file located in the zip file for installation instructions.

To access to our FTP site :

The address is
login : anonymous
password : <your e-mail>

location of the file is :

To call our BBS the number is (408) 559-9327
and the file is located in Software help --> Package Files

For more information on using the Xilinx BBS,
please refer to the Xilinx Data Book.
AR# 1196
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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