AR# 120


VST gets stuck or stalls while simulating


After starting the VST simulator, it says <<<Running>>>, and then hangs.


One possible cause is an infinite loop in the stimulus file. For example,
a stimulus defined as:
100:jump:100 (at time 100, jump to time 100)
This will cause the simulator to be stuck at time 100.

Another possible cause is corrupted stimulus and trace files. Although
the files show up with no problems in the stimulus and trace editors, they
may still have corruptions in them which cause the simulator to hang. The
only solution to this is to delete the stimulus and trace files (.STM and
.TRC files) and create new ones.

This problem exists in both the VST 4 (16 bit format) and VST v1.10
(32 bit format, 386+).

AR# 120
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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