AR# 12079


5.1i Project Navigator - The ModelSim path can only be changed by an administrator or power user on Windows 2000


Keywords: ModelSim, path, Windows 2000, administrator

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
On Windows 2000, only an administrator or power user can make changes to the ModelSim Path under "Edit ->Preferences -> Partner Tools -> ModelTech Simulator."

As a standard user, I cannot access the necessary registry entries.


Generally, Project Navigator operates correctly when it is used by someone with "User" access permissions. Additional access is only required to set the ModelSim path (which is only needed if it is not installed in the default location). In this situation, someone with either "Power User" or "Administrator" access must run Project Navigator once and set the path. That setting is then available for all users of that computer.

Additionally, Project Navigator makes use of the computer's default Web browser setting for all Internet browsing. Again, this can only be set by someone with "Power User" or "Administrator" access, but can then be used by all users on that computer. (The specific actions needed to set the default Web browser depend on the Web browser.)
AR# 12079
Date 03/21/2005
Status Archive
Type General Article
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