AR# 1213


WORKSTATION INSTALL: Translation table syntax errors (XkeysymDB)


When the Xilinx workstation install program runs, the following translation
table syntax error warnings may appear:

Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown keysym name: osfSelect
Warning: ... found while parsing ' <Key>osfSelect: ManagerGadgetSelect() '
Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown keysym name: osfHelp
Warning: ... found while parsing ' <Key>osfHelp: ManagerGadgetHelp() '

The Xilinx Install program runs under OpenWindows, and the problem is usually
caused by a missing, incomplete, or incompatible XKeysymDB file. XKeysymDB is
an ASCII file which defines keyboard bindings or functions, and it is
operating system-specific.

The XACT Install program expects the XKeysymDB file to be in /usr/lib/X11 in
all cases, but often it is located in /usr/openwin/lib on Sun and Solaris


To correct the problem, try:

setenv XKEYSYMDB /usr/openwin/lib/XKeysymDB

or: mkdir /usr/lib/X11
ln -s /usr/openwin/lib/XKeysymDB /usr/lib/X11/XKeysymDB

Or try /cdrom/cdi.csh for a less functional but non-graphical install.

Note that such warnings are often the symptom of a deeper problem which can
often be resolved by installing the latest OpenWindows patch from Sun.
AR# 1213
Date 08/23/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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