AR# 12227


4.1i Install - Unix Workstation Install seems to take a long time.


General Description:

The install on a Unix Workstation seems to take a long

time to complete, especially while it is restoring permissions

of the files. This is especially true with the CAE Libraries CD.


** See Resolution 2 for information on Mentor Libraries on the CAE CD.

A full install with many device families can comprise over 10,000

files and on some machines the process can take over 2 hours to

complete. After the files are copied, the installer changes the

permissions on all files and this can be the longest part of the install.

Do not close any open windows until the installation process is complete.

The CAE Libraries CD can take even longer if installing the Mentor or

Cadence libraries. See (Xilinx Solution #8237) for more information on

installing the CAE Libraries.

Mentor Libraries may hang during the file permissions operation on some workstations. See (Xilinx Solution #12565) for a workaround to this problem.

AR# 12227
Date 04/13/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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