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5.1i CORE Generator - An "Update Project" box appears when I open a project with multiple repositories


Keywords: CORE Generator, CORE Generator, project, update, multiple, repositories

An "Update Project" dialog box appears every time I reopen a project, even if the project has already been updated with the latest cores.

Extra repositories are typically added to a project using the following procedure:

1. Open a project.
2. Open the "Project Options" dialog box.
3. Select the "Repositories" tabbed pane.
4. Click "Add".
5. Select a valid repository.
6. Click "OK".
7. Either select another project, or exit CORE Generator and launch it again.
8. Open the same project as in Step #1 above (the one with the extra repository).
9. The "Update Project" box appears.
10. Click "OK".
11. Go back to Step #7.


Although this problem is frustrating, it is harmless. Simply click on one of the "Update Project" options, and continue with the core generation.

Also, since the problem only occurs if you have specified multiple repositories for the same project, you can correct the problem by removing the extra repositories if they are not needed for the project as follows:

1. Set CORE Generator to the project with the problem.
2. Open the "Project Options" dialog box.
3. Select the "Repositories" tabbed pane.
4. Select the repository to be removed.
5. Click on the "Remove" button.
AR# 12345
Date 07/15/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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