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Virtex-II/-II Pro/-II ProX - How can I use these devices for EMI reduction?


How can I use Virtex-II/-II Pro/-II ProX for EMI reduction?

The "Revision History" section of "Virtex-II 1.V Platform FPGA Family Detailed Functional Description" ( the following on page 39:

07/30/01 , Removed EMI Reduction section

Why was this section removed? Can EMI reduction be performed in Virtex-II?


Digital Spread Spectrum is a methodology for reducing the EMI (electromagnetic interference) generated by the high-frequency clocks on most system boards.

The Digital Spread Spectrum (DSS) feature of the DCM was intended to reduce the peak frequency by spreading the spectrum of the clock frequency. Based on our characterization, we had not found significant frequency reduction and therefore, the DSS feature is no longer supported.

AR# 12414
Date 12/15/2012
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