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AR# 12468

**Obsolete** 3.3i ChipScope - ChipScope Inserter Java problems exist on Pentium 4 systems


Keywords: Java, Inserter, Pentium 4

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The 3.3i ChipScope Core Inserter may not start on Pentium 4 systems. Common symptoms are that the DOS window immediately disappears, only a "Press Any Key" message appears, or Java thread errors are reported.



The JRE that comes with the Xilinx 3.1i tools (JRE 1.1.7b) does not work on Pentium 4 machines. To make ChipScope work on Pentium 4 machines, follow these steps:

1. Download the Java Runtime Environment v1.1.8_007 from the ChipScope Suite:

2. Run the executable you just downloaded, and install the JRE into the directory "$XILINX\java\nt\jre118_007" rather than into the default directory (where "$XILINX" is the location in which the Xilinx implementation tools are installed).

3. Copy the existing "$CHIPSCOPE\inserter\bin\inserter.bat" file to "$CHIPSCOPE\inserter\bin\inserter.bat.jre117b"
(where $CHIPSCOPE is the location in which the ChipScope tools are installed).

4. Copy the quoted "inserter.bat" file to. "$CHIPSCOPE\inserter\bin\inserter.bat".

NOTE: When you install the JRE 1.1.8_007 on the system, it will copy the "jre.exe" program into the C:\WINNT directory instead of updating the $PATH environment variable. This executable acts as a pointer to the location of the actual JRE, which is "$XILINX\java\nt\jre118_007\bin\jre.exe". This may be important in the event you need to change JRE versions for other tools that may have different Java version requirements.


@echo off

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Make sure the xilinx tools are installed on the host system

if "%XILINX%" == "" goto noxilinx
if not exist %XILINX%\java\swing\swing1.1.1\swingall.jar goto noswing
if not exist %XILINX%\java\nt\jre117b\bin\jre.exe goto nojre

set PATH=%XILINX%\bin\nt

rem %XILINX%\java\nt\jre117b\bin\jre.exe -mx64m -ss4M -classpath ".\inserter.jar;.\coreutil.jar;.\ip.jar;.\sim.jar;.\xcc.jar;%XILINX%\java\nt\jre117b\lib\rt.jar;%XILINX%\java\swing\swing1.1.1\swingall.jar" inserter/InserterApp
%XILINX%\java\nt\jre118_007\bin\jre.exe -mx64m -ss4M -classpath ".\inserter.jar;.\coreutil.jar;.\ip.jar;.\sim.jar;.\xcc.jar;%XILINX%\java\nt\jre118_007\lib\rt.jar;%XILINX%\java\swing\swing1.1.1\swingall.jar" inserter/InserterApp
if not errorlevel 2 goto done
goto done

echo ******************************************************************
echo ERROR: No swingall.jar found in %XILINX%\java\swing\swing1.1.1
echo ******************************************************************
goto done

echo ******************************************************************
echo ERROR: No jre found in %XILINX%\java\nt\jre117b\bin
echo ******************************************************************
goto done

echo ******************************************************************
echo ERROR: No XILINX environment found. Install the Xilinx Alliance
echo or Foundations tools (version 3.2i or later) to use the
echo ChipScope Core Inserter and ChipScope Core Generator programs.
echo ******************************************************************
goto done

AR# 12468
Date 09/26/2005
Status Archive
Type ??????