' on signal '' ...encountered bad token"">


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AR# 12472

10.1 NGDBuild/Constraint - "ERROR:XdmHelpers:xxx - processing property '' on signal '' ...encountered bad token"


When I run the "Translate" step in NGDBuild, an error similar to the following occurs: 


"ERROR:XdmHelpers:683 - Processing property "TNM_NET=hierarchy1/busname(15)_repl1" on signal "hierarchy1/busname(15)_repl1": Encountered bad token "_repl1" while parsing TNM_NET value "hierarchy1/busname(15)_repl1"." 


My constraints file contains the following, which seems to cause the problem: 


NET "hierarchy1/busname(15)_repl1" TNM_NET = "hierarchy1/busname(15)_repl1";


Although NGDBuild is reporting the error on the token "_repl1," it is actually unable to parse the "/" and "()" characters in the time name. To avoid these errors, change the constraint so that it conforms to the following format: 


NET "hierarchy/busname(15)_repl1" TNM_NET = "busname_15_repl1"; 


Be sure to change the use of the TNM elsewhere in your constraints as well, so that the same format is followed.

AR# 12472
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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