AR# 12527


4.1i HDL Bencher - How do I launch and use HDL Bencher in the 4.1i software (as opposed to 3.x)?


Keywords: HDL Bencher, 3.x, export, testbench, ISE, Project Navigator

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In Foundation ISE version 3.x, I was able to launch HDL Bencher from the processes window; however, in the 4.1i software, I can no longer find that process.

In the 3.x software, from the application, I would press the "Export Testbench" button to add the testbench (DESIGN_TB.VHD/DESIGN_TB.TF) to the Sources in Project window; in the 4.1i software, that button is no longer available.


Beginning with ISE 4.1i, HDL Bencher is an integrated tool rather than a separately installed application. Therefore, to launch the tool, you must create a new source of the type "Test Bench Waveform".

Additionally, there is no need to export the testbench to the project directory, as the .tbw is automatically added to the "Sources in Project" window when you exit from HDL Bencher.

To run the simulation processes, highlight the testbench waveform; the processes will be displayed in the "Processes for Current Source" Window.
AR# 12527
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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