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AR# 1265

5.x PPR - ERROR 5812


*** PPR: ERROR 5812:
Constraint file instance 'MACRO/INSTANCE' could not be matched to a constrainable instance in net list.


This is due to having pins locked in a .cst file that aren't preset in the schematic or HDL code. In schematic, the
netname between the pad and the buf (OBUF or IBUF) is what
should be used. In HDL code, the top-level IO port names
should be used.

You may look in the .xtf file, and search for the "EXT"
records (usually present at the end of the file). Those records
show the exact spelling XACT expects when you constrain your
nets. Example EXT record: EXT, data_in, I

In this example, 'data_in' would be the constrainable net.
If you syntax differs, change it to match the .xtf file

AR# 1265
Date 03/22/2000
Status Archive
Type ??????
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