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AR# 12658

4.1i ISE ECS - When a symbol created with 3.x ECS (using Create Symbol option) is updated, the new symbol is larger and out of proportion to the design


Keywords: ISE, 4.1i, update, ECS, symbol, create, alignment, spacing, reference point

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
When a schematic symbol created with 3.x ECS is recreated in 4.x ECS, the newly generated symbol is larger than the original, and the symbol's pin spacing does not match the connecting nets in the design.


The Tools->Create Symbol option does not look for an existing symbol. Because 4.x ECS uses a different reference point and different pin spacing than 3.x ECS, a newly created symbol can be quite different from the original. If you would like to "update" an existing symbol rather than "create" a new symbol in ECS 4.x, you must use one of the following options.

1. From a command prompt in the project directory, run the SCH2SYM program from the command line, using the "-refsym" option.

For Example:
sch2sym -refsym=lower lower.sch

This will look for and use any existing symbol named "lower" to create a new symbol named "lower" from the schematic "lower.sch".

2. Use the symbol editor to add or remove pins from an existing symbol. (Either right-click on the symbol and select "Edit Symbol", or select the symbol and use the menu to select Edit->Symbol).
AR# 12658
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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