AR# 1287


XBLOX 5.x: Internal error 20224: representation_error


Keywords: XBLOX, internal error, representation, error

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

XBLOX 5.x gives the following error message:

*** XBLOX: ERROR 20224:
Please contact Xilinx Technical Support. Please provide the
following details to the support personnel. This information will
be needed by the software developers.
1. representation_error(is(_10523,+(abs(-(-2147483647,2147483647)),
1)),2,''integer overflow')

This error message may occur if you have not defined the BOUNDS and
ENCODING attributes for the the bus along your data path.


You MUST specify the data type of at least one XBLOX component on an XBLOX
data path to propagate the data type to the other modules on that data

This error may show up for the following situation:

IOPAD(non-xblox symbol) -> BUS_IF -> DATA_REG -> BUS_IF ->
OBUF(non-xblox symbol) -> OPAD(non-xblox)

To correct the problem, insert a BUS_DEF symbol between BUS_IF and DATA_REG
and define the ENCODING and BOUNDS attributes to the BUS_DEF symbol.

Then the data path would look as follows:

IOPAD(non-xblox symbol) -> BUS_IF -> BUS_DEF -> DATA_REG -> BUS_IF ->
OBUF(non-xblox symbol) -> OPAD(non-xblox)
AR# 1287
Date 05/24/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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