AR# 12873


4.1i Virtex-II - "INTERNAL_ERROR: Ncd: basncsignal.c:734:1.28 - Could not find external sigpins..."


Keywords: INTERNAL_ERROR, Ncd, basncsignal, c:734:1.28, sigpin, BY

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The following INTERNAL_ERROR occurs when I run TRCE, NGDAnno and BitGen:

INTERNAL_ERROR:Ncd:basncsignal.c:734:1.28 - Could not find external sigpin for internal sigpin on comp <PPR_PB1/ADTREE6_ADD1ST_Q6(0)>, bel <PPR_PB1/ADTREE6_DSCRADD_11_12/ADD_1ST_Q/BU1>, bpin <BY>

(NOTE: This Answer record is only a good match for your problem if the error is occurring in an application that is down stream from place and route. Similar errors that appear during MAP will occur for other reasons.)


This problem is due to a data corruption problem that occurs during PWR/GND routing. The application does not fail when the error occurs, and the problem is thought to be harmless.

This will be fixed in the first major software release following 4.1i.
AR# 12873
Date 08/20/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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