AR# 13003


4.1i ISE - Project Navigator's Save Project As... option does not copy verilog files included by the 'include' directive


Keywords: directive, verilog, include, define, save as,back up
Urgency: Standard
General Description: If a user has a verilog file which uses the `Include directive to access another file (i.e. definition file) and uses the Save Project As... > to save the project to a different directory, synthesize fails with:

Error: Unable to open file '<included_file>.v' included by the 'include' directive near symbol ""<included_file>.v" on line xx in file <top>.v (VE-60) Syntax Errors


To fix this, the user must manually copy all files not added as Project Souces but included with the `include directive.
AR# 13003
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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