AR# 1304


Foundation/XABEL: "Synthesis Failed" when synthesizing ABEL file.


When synthesizing an ABEL file in the Foundation HDL Editor, an error occurs

Synthesis Failed.
Use Synthesis/View Report for detailed synthesis report.

No other message is given indicating the cause of the problem.

One possible cause is that the ABEL file name, and the Module name in the
ABEL file are not the same. During the synthesis and translation, some
intermediate files are written out using the Module name, and some are written
out using the File name. If these don't match, the compiler will reach a
point where it can't find the file it is looking for.


Be sure that the FILE name and MODULE name are the same.

For example:

In a file called MY_DESIGN.ABL, the first line should say:

AR# 1304
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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