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AR# 13082

4.1i ECS - "Error: Point not on primary grid (#, #)"


Keywords: point, ECS, schematic, symbol, update, wire, grid, point, WebPACK, ISE

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I add schematic symbols/wires to a schematic, the following error occurs:

"Error: Point not on primary grid (#, #)"

(where "#" is an integer.)

Any time I attempt to open the schematic, another error prevents the schematic from opening, and the above error is repeated.


In order for a point to be on the primary grid, each coordinate must be a multiple of 16. A given type of symbol or schematic component must be on either the primary or the secondary grid (a multiple of 4).

Various events may cause this schematic error. Work has been done to eliminate possible causes as they are isolated; as a result, fixes related to this problem have been published in multiple software versions.

The first service pack containing the fix is 4.2i Service Pack 1, available at:

A patch for ECS that fixes certain cases of this problem is available in 4.1i Service Pack 3:

A patch for ECS that fixes certain cases of this problem in the 4.2i software is available at:

Alternatively, you can work around the problem by opening the <filename>.sch file in a text editor and finding the line that is reported in the error. Change the point given on that line (#, #) to the nearest multiple of 16.

This should allow you to open the schematic in ECS and fix any problems.

For example:

Suppose the error states the following:

"ADDRESS_DATA_LATCH.sch, Line 511: Error: Point not on Primary Grid : (2776, 1584)"

When you open the schematic in a text editor, the code will look like:

WIRE 672 1584 2776 1584 (Note that this is line 510.)
WIRE 2776 1584 2784 1586 (Note that this is line 511.)

Find the line described in the error (511 in this example), and look for the grid points. The points will often be either on the line given in the error, or on the line above. Looking at the grid points 2776, 1584 near line 511, we can see that line 510 is the culprit.

To resolve the error, change the values (2776 and 1584) so that the code looks like:

WIRE 672 1584 2784 1586 (Note that this is line 510.)
WIRE 2776 1584 2784 1586 (Note that this is line 511.)

Save the .sch file, open it in ECS, and the error will disappear.
AR# 13082
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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