AR# 13102


5.1i CORE Generator - Use of a COE to generate block memory causes "ERROR: Improperly formatted file C:\customer\test_eip1\dpr_core.coe..."


General Description:

When I attempt to set a .coe file location in the block memory customization GUI, the errors below are reported. When I try to generate the core, another error reports that the "File was not found."

"ERROR: Improperly formatted file C:\customer\test\dpr_core.coe.

ERROR: Found an illegal assignment near < >.

ERROR: Did not read Coe File C:\customer\test\dpr_core.coe

Preparing to elaborate core...

ERROR: File not found.

ERROR: Customization parameter rule checks failed. Terminating core elaboration: Invalid Coe File Name

ERROR: SimGenerator: Failure to set Sim customization parameters for core Dual Port Block Memory

ERROR: Elaboration failure for core Dual Port Block Memory

ERROR: Elaboration of core Dual Port Block Memory failed."

The problem occurs after the 4.1i E_IP1 or 5.1i software is installed, and it can be seen on Single-Port or Dual-Port Block Memories with v4_0, v3_2, and v3_1. The .coe file worked correctly in software versions 3.1i, 4.1i (without the E_IP1 update), and 4.2i.


The error above will be reported if your .coe file contains empty spaces between data or at the end of the file.

Examine your .coe file by opening it with a text editor; delete all blank spaces and lines. Once the .coe file has been fixed, you may set it and generate the core. However, an internal error may be reported while the core is generated; this problem is discussed in (Xilinx Answer 12902).

AR# 13102
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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