AR# 13168


7.0 SYNPLIFY - When passing the CLKDV_DIVIDE DCM/Virtex-II attribute, Synplify reports an error without any further information


Keywords: DCM, Virtex-II, CLKDV_DIVIDE, Synplify, Synplicity, real, attribute

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When passing the CLKDV_DIVIDE attribute onto a DCM in a Virtex-II design, Synplify issues the following error:

"@E:"I:\applications\synplify\143746\dcm_startup.vhd":89:58:89:61|Compiler Error - Please check end of log for more information."

However, no further information is reported from Synplify.


The problem is that the CLKDV_DIVIDE attribute takes on the type "real" in VHDL, which Synplify cannot process. Furthermore, the attribute cannot be passed via the "xc_props" attribute. (Please see (Xilinx Answer 12923) for more information.)

To work around this problem, pass the attribute as a string type instead of a real type:

attribute CLK_DIVIDE : string;
attribute CLK_DIVIDE of u1 : label is "8.0";

Another work-around to this problem is to pass the attribute through the UCF:

INST dcm/instance CLKDV_DIVIDE=8;
AR# 13168
Date 04/23/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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