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AR# 13233

6.1 System Generator for DSP - Simulink loses track of port lists for blocks inside of masked subsystems, causing ports to become disconnected


General Description: 

When Simulink handles blocks inside masked subsystems, ports on blocks might inadvertently be disconnected, which causes errors in the design.  


For example, suppose a design containing a masked subsystem is opened and simulated without first opening the subsystem. Simulink will lose track of the port lists for blocks within the subsystem; as a result, nets will detach from the ports.


You can avoid this problem simply by opening the subsystem by hand (i.e., by double-clicking with the mouse) before simulating.  


Another approach is to open the subsystem automatically by setting the PostLoadFcn for the model to: 


open_system('my_model/foo/bar', 'force'); 


where "my_model" is the name of the model, and "foo/bar" is the subsystem having the problem.  


A model containing several masked subsystems requires an open_system() for each:  


open_system('my_model/ss1', 'force'); open_system('my_model/ss2', 'force'); 


The PostLoadFcn can be set from the MATLAB command prompt by executing a command similar to the following:  


>> set_param('my_model', 'PostLoadFcn', 'open_system(''my_model/ss1'', 'force'');' ) 


(NOTE: Each double quotation mark in the above is actually two single quotation marks in a row.)

AR# 13233
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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