AR# 13333


MicroBlaze - How does the interrupt controller function?


Keywords: MicroBlaze, interrupt,

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How does the interrupt controller function? Is is possible to guarantee interrupt latency? Can the latency timings be either simulated or calculated?


Interrupt latency depends on the complexity of the interrupt handler (which is simply program code).

You can use GDB/XMD to target either the ISS or the real hardware to obtain a cycle count (number of processor clock ticks) for how long it takes to execute your interrupt handler (set one break point before, one after, select "Run", and you will see the cycle count). Multiply this by the cycle period of the processor system (1/fMax), and you will have the interrupt handler latency in wall clock time.
AR# 13333
Date 12/06/2001
Status Active
Type General Article
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