AR# 13342


4.1i Virtex-II PAR - The placer crashes during the Clustering phase


Keywords: clustering, phase, placer, crash

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
PAR crashes during the clustering phase of placement, freezing with a message similar to the following:

"Starting clustering phase. REAL time: 1 mins 37 secs."

(The problem was found to be related to unusually long component names.)



This problem is fixed in the latest 4.1i Service Pack, available at:
The first service pack containing the fix is 4.1i Service Pack 3.


A work around for this problem is to disable the clustering phase by setting the following environment variable:

setenv XIL_PAR_DO_CLUSTERING 2 (Work Stations)
AR# 13342
Date 10/23/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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