AR# 13358


9.1i CPLDFit CoolRunner-II/ XPLA3 XC9500/XL/XV - "ERROR:CPLD:868 - Cannot fit the design with given pin assignment"


Keywords : 8.2i, 8.1i, 6.2i, 6.1i, 5.2i, 5.1i, 4.1i

When running implementation of a CPLD design, I receive errors similar to the following:

"ERROR:CPLD:868 - Cannot fit the design into any of the specified devices with the selected implementation options."


This is a generic error message indicating a fitting failure, and it is always preceded by an error message indicating the cause of the failure. You might need to scroll up in the console window to view the error message (by default, the window is at the bottom of Project Navigator).

If there are no other error messages, visit CPLD Problem Solvers, for more assistance:

Also, see (Xilinx XAPP444): "CPLD Fitting Tips and Tricks".

AR# 13358
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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