AR# 13361


4.1i SP3 Speed Files - Virtex-II Speed Files Version 1.94


Keywords: speed, files, Virtex-II, latest, version 1.94

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Virtex-II Speed Files Version 1.94 was released after 4.1i Service Pack 3 (which contained version 1.90). All users should download and install the new version if not migrating their design to 4.2i or later software versions.


Highlighted changes in Virtex-II Speed Files Version 1.94 are:

1. It reverts back to version 1.89 Pin-to-Pin numbers. (Data sheet mod.3 rev.1.6)
2. Changes are made to the 18x18 Combinatorial Multiplier and the 18x18 Pipelined Multiplier. Pipelined Multiplier numbers will be reflected in the new data sheet (rev 2.0).

The new speed files are available for download at:

To install the new speed files, unzip the downloaded file into your <$xilinx>\virtex2\data directory.
AR# 13361
Date 06/17/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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