AR# 13409


4.1i sp3 ISE - After Service Pack 3 is installed, Timing Analyzer does not open when running "Post-Place & Route Static Timing Report"


Keywords: ISE, Project Navigator, ProjNav, GUI, Timing Analyzer, TA, es3

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Timing Analyzer does not open when running the "Post-Place & Route Static Timing Report" process after an initial installation.

If Timing Analyzer is run from the Start menu or during "Analyze Post-Place & Route Static Timing", the problem disappears.


A patch that will fix this issue is located at:

The zip file contains five .fdk files that must be placed in the $XILINX\data directory (replacing the existing files). This patch should only be used for ISE 4.1i with Service Pack 3 (4.1.03i) on PC Windows based platforms..

For more information, please also see (Xilinx Answer 13410) and (Xilinx Answer 13411).

This issue will be fixed in the 4.2i software release that is scheduled for the end of February, 2002.
AR# 13409
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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