AR# 1342


Foundation: XC4000 CD4CLE macro counts independent of clock enable


The X4000U library macro CD4CLE (version 5.2.1) for the
Foundation Schematic Capture program is implemented
incorrectly. This macro is implemented correctly with
every other family, except for the XC4000 family.
The problem can cause it to continue counting when the
CE pin is inactive.


If you want this functionality you can copy the CD4CLE macro
from the X4000EU library:

1. In the Foundation Project Manager, select Applications->
Library Manager.

2. Scroll down and double-click on the X4000EU library. In
the object list, select the CD4CLE macro.

3. In the Library Manager, select Object->Copy. Select your
project library as the destination and click Copy. Click
Close to close the X4000EU library.

4. Double-click on your project library to open it. Select
the CD4CLE macro.

5. In the Library Manager, select Object->Rename. Rename the
macro (this is to prevent possible problems during design
translation and implementation).

6. Close the Library Manager.

7. Open the Schematic Editor and select File->Update
AR# 1342
Date 04/28/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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