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OrCAD Capture 6.x: How to import an ABEL file in Capture?


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If you want to import an ABEL design into OrCAD Capture 6.x, you will need to get the programs COMPOSER.EXE and DECOMP.EXE from OrCAD. Apparently, these were OrCAD SDT utilities and they do not get shipped with Capture. The customer can call OrCAD Technical Support Hotline(503-671-9400) OR send an email at the address: with his OrCAD Capture Regn. No. in the Subject of his mail.


Then he needs to do the following steps:
1. Compile the ABEL file(design_name.abl) file using XABEL software targetting to the appropriate FPGA/CPLD family. This should give him the symbol description(design_name.xsf) file and the design_name.xnf file.
2. Use SYMGEN program from DOS to create a command file(design_name.cmd) from the design_name.xsf file. The program can also be run from Windows by running Symbol Generator from XACT Step 6.x Program Group. The command file is used by OrCAD library editor.
3. Open the stat_abl.cmd file and add the folllowing lines at the top:
4. Run the following command from DOS:
composer design_name.cmd design_name.lib
5. Read this library(design_name.lib) in Capture and save it as library symbol(design_name.olb) file.
6. Invoke this symbol in Capture schematics.
AR# 1343
Date 03/26/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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