AR# 13461


*Obsolete* 4.1i iMPACT Spartan-II - Verify operation fails


Keywords: iMPACT, verify, Spartan-II

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I attempt a verify operation on a programmed Spartan-II device with 4.1i iMPACT, the following error messages occur:

"'1': Verifying device...
ERROR:Bitstream:98 - There are 257 differences.
ERROR:iMPACT:395 - The number of difference is 257
'1': Verification terminated.
'1': Programming terminated due to Errors.
PROGRESS_END - End Operation.
Elapsed time = 21 sec."


(PLEASE NOTE: This is the same problem discussed in (Xilinx Answer 9820) for 3.1i JTAG Programmer.)

The verify operation is not supported by 4.1i iMPACT for all Spartan-II ES (engineering samples) devices and some Spartan-II production devices. The Spartan-II Production devices that do not support Verify are those with manufacturing codes beginning with "AFP" (UMC fab, .25u process).

For more infomation see the following PCN

To confirm that your configuration has completed successfully, monitor the status of the DONE pin.
AR# 13461
Date 09/26/2005
Status Archive
Type General Article
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