AR# 13489


2.1 System Generator for DSP - When a multi-channel FIR is used, simulation mismatch errors are reported during VHDL simulation


Keywords: Finite Impulse Response, DSP, SysGen, generate, functional

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In Simulink, I have used the FIR block and have generated a multi-channel FIR in my design. When I run VHDL simulation, simulation mismatch errors are reported.


This problem is in the VHDL wrapper that is written out by the System Generator. This is NOT a bug in the FIR filter (EDIF netlist) that is created from CORE Generator. If anything other than a Gateway-In or a multi-rate block (such as an up or down sampler) is connected to the inputs of the multi-channel FIR block, these errors will occur.

Please contact the Xilinx hotline for more information (1-800-255-7778).
AR# 13489
Date 06/22/2004
Status Archive
Type General Article
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