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AR# 13491

4.2i Project Navigator - The properties "Create Logic Allocation File", "Create Mask File", and "Create ReadBack Data Files" are now located under a different tab


Keywords: BitGen, Project Navigator, properties, readback, Virtex, Generate Programming file, Allow Select Map

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The properties "Create Logic Allocation file", "Create Mask File", and "create ReadBack Data Files" have moved from the "General Options" tab of the "Generate Programming File" process properties dialog; they are now located under the "Readback Options" tab of this same dialog.

In addition, the "Generate Readback Bit Stream" was renamed to "Allow SelectMAP Pins to Persist".



The "Create Readback Data Files", "Create Mask File", and "Create Logic Allocation File" options were moved to the "Readback Options" tab because they are all options that are unique to readback operations.


The "Generate Readback Bit Stream" was renamed to "Allow SelectMAP Pins to Persist". This name change was made to more correctly indicate what the option does -- turn on the "-g Persist" value for Virtex or Virtex-II derived devices.

This allows SelectMAP pins to remain connected to the SelectMAP port after device configuration completes, so that readback can occur through SelectMAP mode. The "-g Persist" option does not generate the readback bit stream. (The "-g ReadBack" option is required for this.)
AR# 13491
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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