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5.1i Install - Linux/WINE - How do I configure WINE to run the Xilinx design tools?


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How do I configure the WINE environment to run the Xilinx design tools?


These instructions apply to both 4.2i and 5.1i Linux/WINE configurations.

WINE version 20010731 is included in the second CD of the Red Hat 7.2 release, and is typically installed automatically. For general information on installing WINE on Linux, visit the following web site:

1. Make a directory in your home directory called ".wine" and cd to ".wine". Assuming you do not have a Windows partition mounted, name the directories in "~/.wine" as "wine-c", "wine-c/windows", and "wine-c/windows/system".

2. Copy the configuration file "wine.reg" from "/etc" to "~/.wine/config". (Rename the file as "config".)

3. Edit the WINE configuration file to verify that the drives already set up in the configuration file point to the correct path. Drive A should point to "/mnt/floppy". Drive C should point to your newly created "~/.wine/wine-c" directory or to your mounted Windows partition. Drive D should point to "/mnt/cdrom".

4. Add any network-mounted drives that you may need (optional).

5. Add "C:\\Xilinx\\bin\\nt" (if that is where you intend to install the Xilinx design tools) to the PATH variable in the [wine] section of the configuration file. Note that the path requires double slashes and is enclosed in quotes. An example path is:
"Path" = "c:\\windows;c:\\windows\\system;e:\\;e:\\test;f:\\;c:\\Xilinx\\bin\\nt;c:\\Xilinx "

6. Copy the DLL files "NETBIOS.DLL" and "NETAPI32.DLL" into your "~/.wine/wine-c/windows/system" directory to emulate Windows 98 SE, or "netapi32.dll", "netrap.dll", and "samlib.dll" to emulate Windows NT 4.0. You will need to copy these DLLs from a Windows machine to a network file system or onto a floppy disk. Additionally, copy "NOTEPAD.EXE" to the same directory in order to test your installation.

For New 5.1i Installations Only:
From ISE 5.1i Disc 1 of 2, copy the files in directory "mnt/cdrom/config/redist/w2k" to the "your_server_dir/xilinx/windows/system" directory. (In version 4.2i, these system files were delivered by the installer, so you do not need to copy them from the CD. If you are upgrading a working 4.2i installation, these system files are already installed and can be used by version 5.1i.)

- Execute WINE from the directory to which you copied NOTEPAD.EXE by typing "wine NOTEPAD.EXE".

NOTE: It may take some time to execute NOTEPAD.EXE with WINE the first time. You will see a number of messages in the terminal from which you executed it; this is normal and will not occur to this extent in successive executions of WINE.
AR# 13532
Date 03/26/2006
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