AR# 1355


Foundation: Can't print schematics to network printer under Windows 95


Keywords: Printing, Foundation Schematic

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Some Windows 95 users find that they can't print to a network
printer from the Foundation Schematic Editor, although they
can print from other Foundation tools like the HDL Editor.



The work-around is to print to a file from the Schematic
Editor. Next, use a DOS session to copy the file to a printer

1) Add a new printer to the Printer folder which prints to a
a) Go to the Start menu and select Settings -> Printers.
b) Click on Add Printer.
c) Follow the Add Printer Wizard and select the following:
-Local Printer
-Select your Manufacturer and Printer
-Keep existing driver
-Available ports, select FILE:
-Give the printer a name
-Don't print a test page

2) Print to a file from the Foundation Schematic Editor:
a) Select File -> Print.
b) Click on Setup.
c) Select the printer that you set up in step 1.
d) Select other print options, then click OK.
e) Specify the file name to save to.

3) Find out what port your network printer is on:
a) From the Start Menu, select Settings -> Printers.
b) Select the icon for the network printer.
c) Select File -> Properties.
d) Click on the Details tab. If the port field is
displaying an LPT port, skip to step 4. If a network
path is displayed, write it down and click Capture
Printer Port.
e) Select an LPT port and type in the network path from
step 3d. Click OK.

4) Print the file:
a) Open up a DOS shell.
b) CD to the correct directory.
c) Type "copy [/b] <file> lpt#". Don't use /b if the file
is not binary (e.g. a postscript file).


If client/user's computer is using TCP/IP protocol with an IP
address, please make sure that the print server is using the
same protocol.
AR# 1355
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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