AR# 13555


7.1i XPower - "WARNING: Power:163, 164...identifier code is already in use..."


General Description:

When I load a design with a VCD file, the following warning messages appear:

"WARNING:Power:163 - PowerVcd_Dump: Declaration of variable '' ignored, identifier code'"' is already in use by ''!:

"WARNING:Power:164 - PowerVcd_Dump: Subsequent redeclarations of this or other identifier codes will be ignored without comment."


The warnings are usually seen when the "-r" option is used while the VCD file is generated from within ModelSim.

Do not use the "-r" switch with ModelSim's VCD add command or specify a number of levels other than 1 to the $dumpvars Verilog task. In addition to these warnings, an unnecessarily large VCD file will be created if the "-r" option is used.

If the "-r" option is not being used (or 1 has been specified to the $dumpvars Verilog task), the warnings are still occasionally seen. The warnings can be ignored under these circumstances. ModelSim is re-specifying the same identifier for a dependant net (i.e., XPower automatically calculates the activity rate [or frequency] of this net and does not need this information from the VCD file).

AR# 13555
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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