AR# 1356


Configuration 4000/5000 - Can TDI, TCK, TMS and TDO be connected to a user signal and BSCAN?


The TAP pins of the XC4000e/ex/xl/XC5200 can be used for user I/O. Some users, because of limited pin resources, may want to use the TAP pins connected to a user signal and the BSCAN component. Is this possible?


If Boundary Scan is not enabled (the BSCAN macro is not instantiated), then TDI, TCK, and TMS can be used as I/O pins and TDO can be a 3-stateable output available after configuration. The TAP pins cannot be used for both a user I/O and connected to the BSCAN component at the same time.

AR# 1356
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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