AR# 13577


*Obsolete* 4.2i BitGen - "ERROR:DesignRules:543 - Blockcheck: Invalid GT configuration. GT_AURORA_4 IO standard CLK_COR_SEQ_LEN must be set 4."


Keywords: GT_AURORA_4, CLK_COR_SEQ_LEN, BitGen

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
NGDBuild is overriding the attribute "CLK_COR_SEQ_LEN", which results in the following BitGen error:

"ERROR:DesignRules:543 - Blockcheck: Invalid GT configuration. GT comp xxxx is programmed with IO standard AURORA and CLK_COR_SEQ_LEN must be set 4."

This renders the GT_AURORA_4 primitive unusable.


The GT_CUSTOM_4 primitive must be used. The user is responsible for setting all of the attributes for the AURORA standard.
AR# 13577
Date 09/26/2005
Status Archive
Type ??????
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