AR# 13615


Schematic - Symbol(s) too large to allow for proper placement on schematic sheet


When I resize a schematic sheet to A4 (or another small sheet size) and the sheet is printed, the symbol size is far too large, allowing the placement of only a few symbols on each sheet. This is often unacceptable. Attempting to place the symbol on a sheet that is too small results in the following error message:

"Command failed since it causes figures to be placed outside sheet"

Is it possible to resize the symbols?


One option is to select a larger sheet size, as follows:

Select Edit -> Object Properties, then click "Sheets" and select the desired size in the Schematic Properties window.

Alternatively, you can create your own defined sheet size with a different scale value for that size by following these steps:

1. Use the Edit -> Preferences menu item to open the Program Preferences dialog box.

2. Click "Sheet Sizes" in the tree control; this opens the "Sheet Sizes" page.

3. Click "New" to open the "Define Sheet Size" dialog box.

4. Enter a name such as "A4 - Small Symbols, Width 29.7, Height 21.0, Units CM." Try a scale factor of 8 or 10 instead of the default of 4 (the lower the scale, the bigger the symbols appear; the larger the scale, the smaller they appear).

Use the Symbol Wizard to create a smaller symbol by adjusting the default settings. Symbol Wizard allows you to specify the distance between pins, the shape of the symbol, and the location for placing symbol pins.

AR# 13615
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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