AR# 1366


Foundation XVHDL: Using pullups and pulldowns


Keywords: foundation, vhdl, pullup, pulldown, resistor
Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Xilinx FPGAs contain internal pullup resistors in the I/O
blocks (some also contain pulldowns). These components can
be instantiated in your Foundation XVHDL code.

**Note that this solution applies to the Metamor XVHDL compiler
only. If using the Express HDL compiler, you may control the
insertion of pullups via the Express Constraints GUI.


The following example works only for pullups or pulldowns on
OUTPUT pins. To use pullups/pulldowns on input pins, you must
either place them on a schematic along with the VHDL module,
or you may enable the pullup in the EPIC design editor.

--Example of using Pullup

library IEEE;
use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all;

entity IOB is
port (IN1, CLOCK: in std_logic;
OUT_PAD: out std_logic);
attribute INHIBIT_BUF: boolean;
attribute INHIBIT_BUF of OUT_PAD: signal is true;

-- The INHIBIT_BUF attribute prevents the VHDL compiler from
-- inferring an OBUF on the OUT_PAD port. This is necessary
-- because we are going to instantiate an OBUF onto the port.

end IOB;

architecture PULLUP_EXAMPLE of IOB is

component PULLUP
port ( O: out std_logic);
end component;

component OBUF
port (I: in std_logic;
O: out std_logic);
end component;

signal OUT_INTERNAL: std_logic;
-- This node is the input of the OBUF.


process (CLOCK)
if CLOCK'event and CLOCK = '1' then
end if;
end process;

U1: PULLUP port map (O => OUT_PAD);
-- Insert the pullup on the output of the OBUF.

U2: OBUF port map (I => OUT_INTERNAL,
O => OUT_PAD);


AR# 1366
Date 01/02/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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