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AR# 1370

5.x XACT, XDE - How do I set the graphics mode in XDE (editLCA) for DOS?


The default mode for XDE is VGA4 (4-Color VGA 640 x 480) but there are several resolutions and color pallets availible for the DOS-based XDE. How do I set one as default?


In order to set the default graphics mode for XDE, the following line needs to be added to your autoexec.bat :

SET GRMODE=<graphics_mode>

A list of graphics modes are shown below.

It is suggested that before setting this environment variable to execute XDE with the desired graphics mode from the commandline to be sure there are no conflicts with your video card. To do so, type the following from a DOS prompt :

XDE -G <graphics_mode>

These are the acceptable graphics_mode entries:

VGA4 (4-Color VGA 640 x 480)
VGA8 (8-Color VGA 640 x 480)
VGA16 (16-Color VGA 640 x 480)
VGAP4 (4-Color VGA 800 x 600)
VGAP8 (8-Color VGA 800 x 600)
VGAP16 (16-Color VGA 800 x 600)
VESA16 (16-Color VGA 800 x 600)
AR# 1370
Date 03/22/2000
Status Archive
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