AR# 13766


Virtex-II configuration fails, INIT never goes Low, and DONE does not go High


Keywords: BitGen, config, failed, JTAG

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
If I select "Disable Readback and Reconfiguration" from the configuration GUI options, the Security setting for the bit stream is set to Level 2.

When I attempt to program a Virtex-II device and generate the bit stream with these options, the device fails to complete configuration. The INIT pin does not go Low, and the DONE pin does not go High.

The security setting does not allow the final configuration writes to complete.



When using the current 4.1 software, the security setting must be set to "None" or "Level 1" (the default is already set to security "None").

From the GUI, within the "Programming Properties" options, click on the Readback tab and verify that either "Enable Readback and Reconfiguration" (default), or "Disable Readback" is selected before you generate the bit stream.

If the bit stream was previously generated, the security settings can be checked by opening the "design_name.bgn" file and verifying that the "Summary of BitGen Options" lists the Security option as "None" or "Level 1".


Beginning in 4.2i Service Pack 2, BitGen produces a bit stream that successfully configures the device. This new bit stream de-asserts a global signal (called GHIGH) early so that the device will be configured in one pass.

4.2i Service Pack 2 is available at:
AR# 13766
Date 09/30/2005
Status Archive
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