AR# 13774


4.1i s3 ISE - Project Navigator snapshot does not open remote sources


Keywords: Remote, Sources, Snapshot, open, locate, ProjNav

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I convert a project from 3.1i to 4.1i or later software, the remote sources from a 3.1i snapshot will not open after the conversion.


In 3.1i, the snapshot would look for the remote source in the remote location. It did not copy the remote source locally into the snapshot directory.

In 4.1i, the snapshot is looking for the remote sources in the <Project_Dir>\Snapshots\<snapshot_name>\remote_sources directory, but since they were not copied to this location when the snapshot was created, they cannot be found. They still exist in the remote location, but Project Navigator is not pointing to them in that location from the snapshot.

To work around this, make the snapshot current; you can then view the source from the remote location. You can also redo the snapshot, and the remote sources will be copied into the expected directory for remote sources, as specified above. You will then be able to view the sources from within the snapshot.
AR# 13774
Date 07/24/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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