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AR# 13776

Packaging - Where can I find a list of package stress tests (HAST, 85/85) performed on Xilinx device packages?


Where can I find a list of package stress tests (HAST, 85/85) that are performed on Xilinx device packages?


General Tests:

Xilinx tests are based on the Mil-Std-883, JEDEC Std-22, and STACK 0001. For test descriptions and information on compliance with the particular standards, see:


For a list of tests conducted on Xilinx Plastic Packages, see:


For a list of tests conducted on Xilinx Ceramic Packages, see:


Stress Tests:

Environmental stress tests such as HAST and 85/85 comply with the JEDEC Std-22 Mtd 110 standard and JEDEC Std-22 Mtd A101 respectively.

The detailed results of these tests are provided in the "Quality and Reliability Monitor Report," which is available for download at: http://www.xilinx.com/bvdocs/userguides/ug116_reliability_report.pdf

[NOTE: Not all Xilinx devices are characterized using the HAST test, and Xilinx might not have the information for all devices at all times.]
AR# 13776
Date 02/26/2013
Status Active
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