AR# 13806


4.2i Virtex-II Speed files - Timing Analyzer/TRCE report values for the "Trck" timing parameter that differ from the Virtex-II data sheet


Keywords: Virtex-II, speed files, 1.96, data, sheet, datasheet, conflicts, trck, -5

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The values in the Virtex-II data sheet (rev 2.1) are different from the speed print values that are given for the timing parameter "Trck". The data sheet reports this value as 0.23ns; when I prepare a speed print for speed file 1.96, the timing is reported as 0.395 - 0.419 ns for the same parameter.

Which value is correct?


The values in the data sheet are incorrect; the data sheet is actually reporting the "Tsrck" values rather than the "Trck" value.

For the correct number, use the values that are reported by the timing software: Timing Analyzer, TRCE, FPGA Editor, or speed print.

This problem is fixed in the first Virtex datasheet after v2.1. It can be found at
AR# 13806
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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